Jason Pearce SEO

I often feel sleazy talking about search engine optimization — likely because I’m frequently contacted by SEO scammers who think they can improve jasonpearce.com’s rankings in search engines when it was already the top result for the searches that interest me. Well, jasonpearce.com has fallen off of Google’s front page for the search “Jason Pearce” […]

jasonpearce.com Redesign

I finally got around to redesigning my personal blog/website at jasonpearce.com. My previous design was a modified version of the default WordPress template. I used this design for almost 10 years. My new design is a modification of the free Seven Five WordPress Theme from www.press75.com. I liked its cleaner and simpler look. More so, […]

Wonderware Central website redesign launched

After several months of work, I’m pleased to say that Wonderware Central launched its redesigned website today. Many people were involved in this project, but I did most of the development and design. This was my first time using the open source Joomla content management system. As such, it was also my first time developing […]