Unwanted solicitation from Ryan Tello of Rydek Professional Staffing

I received an unpleasant solicitation from Ryan Tello today, the Vice President of Client Development for Rydek Professional Staffing out of Corona, California. The unwanted phone call began as normal. Ryan gave a two- to four-minute pitch introducing himself, his company, and service. While these unwanted solicitations are tiresome and ignore my publicly posted request […]

Persistent solicitation from James H. of VMTurbo

I received an unwanted phone call solicitation from James H. of VMTurbo today. It’s not uncommon for me to receive cold phone or email solicitations. I asked James H. to please not solicit me. He then said he’ll send me an email asking for my time. I clarified that I do not want VMTurbo to […]

Copyright infringement on forum posts

Yesterday I was searching the web in an effort to find a solution to a technical issue I’m attempting to resolve. Among the results was a link to a new site I hadn’t checked out before. As I started reading the site, I realized I was reading my words; words that I had posted on […]