Wells Fargo cannot follow its own phishing security advice

Wells Fargo has a reasonably good security page educating customers about phishing email and texting scams. They make three good comments about how to recognize a phishing email scam, informing the user to look out for a combination of red flags: Non-Wells Fargo email address: The email address of the sender does not include the […]

Top 10 ways to strengthen your personal online security

Most of us have a home network with multiple electronic devices, along with hundreds of online accounts and credentials. These tips will help you strengthen your personal online security by helping you better secure your devices and credentials. Strong Passwords Stronger passwords are long and have high entropy (users lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and punctuation). Use […]

Use IPdeny to create Mail flow rules (transport rules) in Exchange Online

This PowerShell script will help an Office 365 administrator or Exchange Online administrator block incoming email messages originating from specific countries using data from IPdeny. About IPdeny country block downloads IPdeny compiles raw data from regional internet registries and offers free of charge country IP address block downloads. Their country IP zone files can be […]

Scam/Hoax: Computer System Alert! System has been infected due to an unexpected error!

This evening I mistyped a URL and was redirected to https://virus–alert–warning.com/warning_error.dill (I changed the link to go to a security article). This URL, its error message, and its phone number is a scam. No harm has occurred to your computer and you should not call the number. Simply force your browser to close via Task […]

Generate mobile-friendly passwords with passed.pw

Developer cxam recently updated https://passed.pw/ to generate passwords that are mobile keyboard friendly. Due to limited space, mobile keyboards have several levels of characters. the first level keyboard contains the alphabet and a few punctuation characters the second level keyboard contains numbers and frequently-used punctuation the third level keyboard contains infrequently-used punctuation Both iOS and […]