Use IPdeny to create Mail flow rules (transport rules) in Exchange Online

This PowerShell script will help an Office 365 administrator or Exchange Online administrator block incoming email messages originating from specific countries using data from IPdeny. About IPdeny country block downloads IPdeny compiles raw data from regional internet registries and offers free of charge country IP address block downloads. Their country IP zone files can be […]

Using PowerShell to change the UPN Suffix

For decades, it’s been a best practice to configure your corporate domain with a non-internet-rotatable .local domain (e.g. example.local instead of But in the modern everything-is-connected-to-the-internet age, this appears to be falling out of fashion. When “Preparing to provision users through directory synchronization to Office 365,” you’ll eventually realize that you’ll need to follow […]

Unable to update Office 365 password

While using I was prompted to update my password for a test account I was using. The Update Your Password prompt read: You need to update your password because this is the first time you are signing in, or because your password has expired. No problem. So I entered my Current password and my […]