My Google Maps photos have been viewed more than 25 million times

I enjoy adding photos to Google Maps. That enjoyment really increased a few years ago when I bought a 360-degree camera. Since 360-degree cameras are still a bit of a novelty, my images get more views than most. Last week, Google sent me an email saying: Hi Jason, You’re a top photographer on Google Maps […]

My photos have been viewed 2,000,000 on Google Maps

I bought a 360 degree Ricoh Theta camera about a year ago. I’ve enjoyed using it to add 360 degree photos to user-contributed photos on Google Maps. Apparently, they are popular for I received this email from Google today: You’re a top photographer on Google Maps. You’ve just accomplished what very few people have done: […]

Ditching Adobe Reader and Flash Player in 2012

It’s finally time for me to stop using Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player. I can no longer tolerate the security vulnerabilities I’m annoyed by the updates I typically can’t use either on my smart phone anyway (and don’t mind) And mostly, there are smaller and more secure substitutes The best tool is Google Chrome, […]