Ditching Adobe Reader and Flash Player in 2012

It’s finally time for me to stop using Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player.

  • I can no longer tolerate the security vulnerabilities
  • I’m annoyed by the updates
  • I typically can’t use either on my smart phone anyway (and don’t mind)
  • And mostly, there are smaller and more secure substitutes

The best tool is Google Chrome, which includes both a Flash player and a PDF viewer baked into it. Best of all, this browser automatically updates and patches itself on a frequent basis, with no interruption. I’ve configured Windows 7 to use Chrome to open all .PDF files, which I think will be all I require.

If I do need a separate PDF viewer, Sumantra PDF Viewer is likely all that I’ll require. This might also be the solution that I deploy to my employer’s 1,200 users.

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