Plummer Pearce Book (1811 – 1856)

Gerald Leonard and Pattie Neal Hunt provided me a copy of the Plummer Pearce Book (1811 – 1856). Reverend Plummer Pearce was my 3rd Great Grandfather. He lived in Franklin County, North Carolina; married Martha Ann Leonard in March 1833; and his parents were John Pearce (1776 – 1831) and Rebecca Allen (1764 – 1869). […]

1940 Muscoljuan Yearbook

Muskingum College’s 1940 “The Muscoljuan Yearbook” features my grandmother Sarah Alexander, along with astronaut John Glenn. Sarah’s yearbook included this bookmark with a cutout and note that brings attention to Glenn. Perhaps this explains why she gave me several NASA patches when I was a kid. Muskingum College’s The Muscoljuan Yearbook from 1940 Here are […]

Sarah Alexander’s Booe genealogy books

My grandmother Sarah Alexander enjoyed genealogy. Of her ancestors, she most enjoyed researching the Booe surname (mostly from North Carolina). She created two large scrapbooks containing her research, one in a red binding and the other in a blue binding. There are also three Booe Books on 8.5 x 11 that appear to be photocopied […]

Dr William John Cameron Sr (Sep 1941 to May 2015)

My 73-year-old uncle Dr. William John Cameron Sr. recently died. Here are some photos from his funeral as well as his obituary. Funeral Photos Obituary Dr. William John Cameron Sr. Father: Dr. John Lansing Cameron b: 14 Sep 1916 in Jonesboro, Lee County, North Carolina Mother: Beulah Bradley Cameron Marriage 1 Nancy Marie Wise Marriage […]