Plummer Pearce Book (1811 – 1856)

Gerald Leonard and Pattie Neal Hunt provided me a copy of the Plummer Pearce Book (1811 – 1856).

Reverend Plummer Pearce was my 3rd Great Grandfather. He lived in Franklin County, North Carolina; married Martha Ann Leonard in March 1833; and his parents were John Pearce (1776 – 1831) and Rebecca Allen (1764 – 1869).

Plummer used this book to document his family’s births, along with some church activities. Here are scanned images of the book along with a transcription.

Plummer Pearce Book (1811 - 1856)

Plummer Pearce Book Transcription

Plummer Pearce book from Gerald Leonard and Pattie Hunt

BACK OF FRONT COVER Mary S. Griffin Mandy W. Griffin

PAGE ONE Up side down D B Pearce Children Bessie B. Pearce was born May 19, 1888 Annie V Pearce was born Nov 8, 1890

PAGE THREE Enon Meeting House Notes

PAGE FOUR 1851 Enon Meeting House 4th Sunday in March 1850 Funeral of Brother Alford Lancasters Child Easter Monday Brother Nathan Hams Psalms 23 ch 4

PAGE FIVE Pedsak Meeting House Notes Maybe Red Oak Notes continue on pages 6, 7, 8

ANOTHER PAGE George D Griffin was born the first day of February 1870 King P Griffin was born 16 day of July 1872 Doctor B Griffin was born the 9 day of January 1877

ANOTHER PAGE Mary F Oday was born Dec 11 1867 Doctor Buck Oday was born 17 October 1870

Lera Oday was born Oct 13 1875 James W Oday was born 15 of July 1879 Mandy Oday died May 18 1881

ANOTHER PAGE This the 25 day of December 1874 Sidney Pearce Robert S Pearce Son of Sidney Pearce and Isadene Pearce was born April 11 1870 Charley A Pearce was born 18 October 1873

ANOTHER PAGE P O Pearce His Book

Mary A Frances Pearce daughter of P O Pearce and Martha A Pearce his wife was born November 17 1833

Larrawann Pearce was born February 26 1837

Joseph John Pearce was born June 18 1839 Nancy A W Pearce was born March 2 1841 Manda Washington Pearce was born January 9 1843 Henrietta Pearce was born May 8 1845 Sidney M Pearce was born May 8 1848

Doctor Buck O Pearce was born January 31 1850 Henry G Pearce was born 3 1852 Wallis Pearce was born May 8 1854 died September 4 1855

ANOTHER PAGE Mattie Lee Pearce was born 1 July 1874

ANOTHER PAGE Doctor B Pearce was born 31 January 1850 Carolina V Pearce was born 16 July 1854 Mattie Lee Pearce was born 1 July 1874 Mary Lizzie Pearce was born 23 February 1876 Elbert P Pearce was born 28 April 1878 Doctor E Pearce was born 14 August 1880 Cora Ella Pearce was born 14 December 1882 Kate Pearce was born 8 April 1885

Doctor B Pearce and C G Pearce was married 21 September 1873

Churches Falls Creek, Enon, Sandy Creek 1850, Maywoods, Meady Creek, Maple Springs, Hickory, Red Oak, Lewisburg, Broarn, Flatrock, Perry Chapel, Sandy Creek, Badar Springs, Peachtree, Pare Swamp, Sandy Grove Salem