Will VMware Horizon View 6.1 be the next release?

While preparing for an upcoming VMware Horizon View 5.2 to VMware Horizon View 6.0.2 upgrade, I noticed a VMware Horizon View 6.1 column in the VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes. The 6.1 version number also appears on the Version pull-down menu. Perhaps the next version of View will be VMware Horizon View 6.1. I sure hope, […]

Get more value from this HP Printer Driver (by disabling Printer Status Notification popups)

As the senior engineer for a mid-sized VMware Horizon View virtual desktop infrastructure , I sometimes have to figure out how to configure legacy applications to perform better in a modern non-persistent VDI world. My most resent challenge was to globally disable HP’s annoying Printer Status Notification popup messages that occurred every day for some […]

How Allscripts Pro EHR can cripple your VDI infrastructure

As the administrator of a VMware Horizon View virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for a county hospital, I’m frequently looking for applications that abuse infrastructure resources by consuming excessive CPU, RAM, or Disk. Allscripts Pro EHR and Allscripts Pro PM are two applications that often create unnecessary challenges in our environment. Allscripts Pro PM requires Microsoft […]

How to move automated persistent desktops to another cluster

My objective was to upgrade vSphere host from 1 gigabt Ethernet to 10 gigabit Ethernet connections. All of my VMware Horizon View 5.2 linked-clone desktops resided in a single cluster of 10 hosts that I’ll call Cluster A. I had an even mix of persistent and non-persistent desktops. Cluster B was needed Through trial and […]

Dell Wyse fails to provide Day One support for VMware Horizon View

Dell Wyse, a global disappointment in thin clients, continues to fail in providing Day One support for the latest VMware Horizon View client upon release. Business rely on vendors to keep their products updated so that they may rapidly benefit from new features, improved security, and enhanced performance when publicly released. Dan O’Farrell, Sr. Director, […]