Dr William John Cameron Sr (Sep 1941 to May 2015)

My 73-year-old uncle Dr. William John Cameron Sr. recently died. Here are some photos from his funeral as well as his obituary. Funeral Photos Obituary Dr. William John Cameron Sr. Father: Dr. John Lansing Cameron b: 14 Sep 1916 in Jonesboro, Lee County, North Carolina Mother: Beulah Bradley Cameron Marriage 1 Nancy Marie Wise Marriage […]

18,500 releatives

I have been interested in genealogy for about 10 years now. In that time, I have researched, documented, and linked about 18,500 relatives. More importantly, I have identified 90 percent of my 7th generation ancestors. Considering that every generation doubles your number of ancestors, knowing all of your 7th generation ancestors and their direct line […]

A History of the Cameron Family in North Carolina

If you are a genealogist studying the Cameron family from North Carolina, then A History of the Cameron Family in North Carolina by John Burton Cameron of Broadway, North Carolina, published in 1967, will interest you. This publication contains two parts: Part I: Descendants of Allen Cameron and his wife Mary Stewart Part II: Descendants […]

Genealogy database now at 14,000 relatives

After entering some census records to my genealogy database this weekend, I decided it was time to backup my database. To my surprise, I have entered exactly 14,000 relatives into my family tree. Here’s what my export reported: Created by: PAF Personal Ancestral File Submitted by: Jason Pearce Individuals: 14000 Marriages: 4215 Sources: 361 […]