How to Disable Ads on the Roku Home Screen

If you own a Roku streaming media player or Roku TV and want to disable the advertisements that occupy one-third of the Home screen, you will discover that Roku does not provide you a way to opt out. According to How-To Geek, Roku makes more money from ads than it does selling hardware ($740 million […]

Top 10 ways to strengthen your personal online security

Most of us have a home network with multiple electronic devices, along with hundreds of online accounts and credentials. These tips will help you strengthen your personal online security by helping you better secure your devices and credentials. Strong Passwords Stronger passwords are long and have high entropy (users lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and punctuation). Use […]

Using PowerShell to clean up DHCP and DNS for VDI

When you run a virtual desktop infrastructure that builds and deletes hundreds of virtual machines every day, DHCP and DNS might eventually get out of sync and need some cleanup. When writing this PowerShell cleanup script, I decided to make vCenter my source of truth because has the virtual machine host names, IP addresses, power […]

How ServerPilot and CloudFlare improve DigitalOcean

I was a Dreamhost customer for more than a decade before discovering DigitalOcean in 2014. Both offer virtual private servers to host one or more websites, but DigitalOcean offers better performance via an all SSD back-end and better pricing. Dreamhost‘s shared hosting plans cost $9/month. While DigitalOcean virtual private servers (1 vCPU, 512MB vRAM, and […]

Thank you CloudFlare for Universal SSL (and more)

Your recent announcement of Universal SSL (free SSL for everyone) is monumental. In addition to offering one of the best external DNS management interfaces, you’ve helped protect and improve the performance of so many websites. I was already a huge fan of your company and services. Your gift of Universal SSL, however, is a game […]