How Allscripts Pro EHR can cripple your VDI infrastructure

As the administrator of a VMware Horizon View virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for a county hospital, I’m frequently looking for applications that abuse infrastructure resources by consuming excessive CPU, RAM, or Disk. Allscripts Pro EHR and Allscripts Pro PM are two applications that often create unnecessary challenges in our environment. Allscripts Pro PM requires Microsoft […]

Import PFX Certificate via Group Policy Preferences

I have a vendor with a web-based SAS service that requires a password encrypted .PFX certificate to be imported into the user’s Personal certificate store. For physical desktops, this is a one-time import procedure. But for VMware View VDI desktops that are non-persistent, users receive a new desktop every day and would thus have to […]

Updating BgInfo when VMware View desktop changes locations

In my previous article “Using BgInfo with VMware View,” I discuss how to use Microsoft’s BgInfo utility within a VMware View desktop pool to write the following information to a user’s wallpaper: Username Physical and Virtual PC name Physical and Virtual IP address Physical and Virtual MAC address Example of BgInfo wallpaper for my VMware […]

Deploy software via Group Policy’s Scheduled Tasks

There are many ways for a system administrator to deploy software to computers on a domain. This post describes how to create a Group Policy that will deploy a Scheduled Task to your target machines that will run a batch file to perform the installation. You might ask why I would bother with a Scheduled […]