Carmel’s Artomobilia as 360 degree panoromas

I took my Theta S camera and a selfie stick to the 2016 Carmel Artomobilia car show yesterday. I have fun capturing these 360 degree panoramas. Several of the car owners were curious about my camera, which I had just as much fun talking about as they did their cars. It was a good show […]

Windows Live Photo Gallery stitches too

My “In Stitches about AutoStitch” post explored three free panorama stitching programs that are capable of taking multiple photographs and seamlessly stitching them together into a single image. Of the three I played with, AutoStitch was the easiest to use and produced great results. When Greg read my story, he noted that I should give […]

In Stitches about AutoStitch

This weekend I played with a few free panorama photo stitching programs. In particular, I tested out freeware AutoStitch, freeware GigaPan Stitcher, and open source Hugin (with plugins Panorama Tools, Enblend, and Autopano-SIFT). In short, AutoStitch was the easiest tool to use and produced panorama/stitched photographs equally as well or better than GigaPan or Hugin. […]