Sarah Alexander Pearce (Aug 1919 to Apr 2015)

My 95-year-old grandmother Sarah Alexander Pearce recently died. She was the genealogist of our family, leaving me big shoes to fill (and lots of research to review). Here are some photos from her funeral as well as her obituary. Funeral Photos Obituary Sarah Alexander Pearce Father: Samuel Irvin Alexander b: 1 Aug 1884 in Lemley, […]

18,500 releatives

I have been interested in genealogy for about 10 years now. In that time, I have researched, documented, and linked about 18,500 relatives. More importantly, I have identified 90 percent of my 7th generation ancestors. Considering that every generation doubles your number of ancestors, knowing all of your 7th generation ancestors and their direct line […]

Genealogy database now at 14,000 relatives

After entering some census records to my genealogy database this weekend, I decided it was time to backup my database. To my surprise, I have entered exactly 14,000 relatives into my family tree. Here’s what my export reported: Created by: PAF Personal Ancestral File Submitted by: Jason Pearce Individuals: 14000 Marriages: 4215 Sources: 361 […]

Finding Doctor Buck Outlaw Pearce

On Monday, I visited Joe Pearce in Louisburg, North Carolina, to learn more about the Pearce family. He has done considerable research on the Pearce line and was more than eager to share. Our common ancestors are John Pearce (b 1776, d 1831) and Rebecca Allen (b 1764, d 1869). He’s from son Archibald Washington […]