Genealogy database now at 14,000 relatives

After entering some census records to my genealogy database this weekend, I decided it was time to backup my database. To my surprise, I have entered exactly 14,000 relatives into my family tree. Here’s what my export reported:

Created by: PAF Personal Ancestral File
Submitted by: Jason Pearce
Individuals: 14000
Marriages: 4215
Sources: 361
Repositories: 1
Errors: 0

It’s kind of amazing that I’ve been able to research and amass this much information on my family members.

My favorite website by far is This free and very useful site is a great source for 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1900 United States Census records — often providing photo scans of the actual documentation.

I’m also pleased to say that I have identified all 32 of my great x3 grandparents and 53 (of 64) of my great x4 grandparents. It’s amazing that 62 people in just five generations led to me.

  • 32 Great, great, great, grandparents
  • 16 Great, great, grandparents
  • 8 Great grandparents
  • 4 Grandparents
  • 2 Parents
  • 1 Me

This past Christmas I produced a CD-ROM containing my database and numerous reports generated from that data. I gave each of my aunts, uncles, and cousins a copy of this CD in hopes that they will not only enjoy it, but that they might share or build upon my research.

If you are a relative and are interested in my work, here are two websites that are relatively easy to access:

Interestingly, the more research I share online, the more living relatives end up finding me and sharing what they know. I wonder when I’ll pass then 15,000 person mark.

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  1. Amazing work. I’m curious to know the earliest date to which you have traced an ancestor.

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