A History of the Cameron Family in North Carolina

A History of the Cameron Family in North Carolina (1967)

If you are a genealogist studying the Cameron family from North Carolina, then A History of the Cameron Family in North Carolina by John Burton Cameron of Broadway, North Carolina, published in 1967, will interest you.

This publication contains two parts:

  1. Part I: Descendants of Allen Cameron and his wife Mary Stewart
  2. Part II: Descendants of Norman Cameron and his wife Rachel Bruce

I hope you find this information useful.

Note 1 (2010 Feb 20): Instructions on how to enlarge each page
  1. Click on an image within the slide show, this will take you to Flickr.com.
  2. Above the image is a toolbar. Click on the All Sizes button.
  3. Optionally, click on Original to view a very large version of the image.
Here is an example of an Original image that I took of this book. You will have to scroll both down and right to view it all.
Note 2 (2010 Feb 20): Download Cameron Reports in PDF format My research certainly references and is based on A History of the Cameron Family in North Carolina. While I do not have a transcript of this 1967 resource, these PDF reports contain similar information and may be a better resource than the photographs I’m offering of the original document. Incidentally, if someone wants to transcribe A History of the Cameron Family in North Carolina verbatim, I would be happy to post its text here as well.

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  1. A few years ago I saw the DNA results on Clan cameron and tried to get in touch. There was no response. Now I see from the group Project that we are 1 Generation to a common ancestor. I would very much like to find some information about the Scotland roots. I have a James b 1757 who enlisted in the 26th of Foots , 1777 at New York.In 1779 he sailed to Scotland and Ireland to recruit, returning 1887 to Quebec. A Charles Cameron b 1783 enlisted as a boy of 7 at Montreal 1790. I am not ceratain if they were father and son but James was certainly his guardian. I am now 88 and trying to find the next step back to Scotland. I would be so pleased to hear or read some of this N.D. McL Cameron history. If this family is mentioned in the book, I would be pleased to purchase same. From the response on the computer I note there are problems accessing and handling the pages. My age inhibits some computer expertise. If some kind person can enlighten me about this family I am sure a connection of some sort will appear. There is much lore about the family . So far I have facts.Please advise if you receive this. Thank you so much. Names which show in several generations are James, Charles, William and combinations of these. Also Thomas,Angus, Donald, Alan,Ernest on occasion.In anticipation I am

    Delphine Cameron Large [email protected].

  2. Hello Jason: I have just now seen your information about a book. Actually I have seen the info before, but most books do not have the info I seek. However, I shall take a chance and succumb to your intelligence to judge a ggod thing when you see it! Refresh my memory, please about where to obtain it, cost etc. I won’t try the computer action. Gosh a whole bunch of months has gone by and I do thank you for your response so much! Please convey address of where to obtain same, cost etc. I shall be happy to remit.

    Actually, I have been trying to contact Camerons but the relationship has been negative, re the DNA results. Thanks for caring. Delphine Cameron Large

  3. Delphine,

    Please look at my second note: “Note 2 (2010 Feb 20)”. I have linked to two PDF documents that you can download and print at home to review offline. I don’t have the originals any longer.

    Sincerely, Jason Pearce

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