British Airways says my randomly-generated password is invalid

I attempted to create an account on today, but repeatedly failed, receiving the message “Error: The password you have supplied is invalid. Passwords need to be at least 6 characters in length and use a mix of letters (English A-Z) and numbers.” I tried the following randomly generated passwords: awseecfejunknyZVWCNQPAVZUTE57264 nxmsgnkgqSYHXDPRJRRGGKKTHCE52872 edmzuszfecUVWSFHVCBHVBAV84822792 vdntgfssatdHMRPZNMWVPTVCBZA32444 […]

Use PowerShell to randomly stagger Veeam backup schedules

In previous posts “Randomize your Veeam backups via PowerShell” and “Fixing Veeam Backup v8 Periodic Scheduling” I discussed the unwanted and unexpected changes Veeam Backup and Replication 8 made to is Periodic Scheduling. In summary, Periodic Schedules could no longer exceed a 24-hour period (e.g. you could no longer configure jobs to run every 30 […]

Randomize Windows Updates via PowerShell and PSWindowsUpdate

If you manage a group of computers that have fallen behind on installing Windows Updates, this procedure and a few PowerShell tools may help you less-disruptively install a just a few randomized updates at a time when computers are idle. Objective Many of the computers in my environment are used 24/7 by rotating shifts of […]

Generate mobile-friendly passwords with

Developer cxam recently updated to generate passwords that are mobile keyboard friendly. Due to limited space, mobile keyboards have several levels of characters. the first level keyboard contains the alphabet and a few punctuation characters the second level keyboard contains numbers and frequently-used punctuation the third level keyboard contains infrequently-used punctuation Both iOS and […]