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Developer cxam recently updated to generate passwords that are mobile keyboard friendly.

Due to limited space, mobile keyboards have several levels of characters.

  • the first level keyboard contains the alphabet and a few punctuation characters
  • the second level keyboard contains numbers and frequently-used punctuation
  • the third level keyboard contains infrequently-used punctuation

Both iOS and Android have three-level keyboards, though some of the characters on each level are different.

The idea I proposed to cxam was to provide an option to generate mobile-friendly passwords, which he executed perfectly. mobile keyboard friendly

Without selecting the Mobile Keyboard Friendly option, might generate a 15-character high-entropy password like this: mk7fw6W((cx\w?5. While this is a good password, it’s difficult to use on a mobile device because the user has to switch keyboards 10 times:

  • m = level 1 keyboard (one)
  • k = level 1 keyboard
  • 7 = level 2 keyboard (two)
  • f = level 1 keyboard (three)
  • w = level 1 keyboard
  • 6 = level 2 keyboard (four)
  • W = level 1 keyboard (five)
  • ( = level 2 keyboard (six)
  • ( = level 2 keyboard
  • c = level 1 keyboard (seven)
  • x = level 1 keyboard
  • \ = level 2 keyboard (eight)
  • w = level 1 keyboard (nine)
  • ? = level 2 keyboard (ten)
  • 5 = level 2 keyboard

Similar entropy could be achieved using the same characters, but made more friendly for a mobile device by grouping the characters to each keyboard like so: mkfwWcxw765((\?. This latter example is much more mobile friendly and takes fewer strokes to enter since the user does not have to switch back and forth among keyboards.

Sure, grouping randomly-generated characters makes the password less random and thus weakens its strength — but only marginally. The quantity of each character type is still random, as are the values within each type of character.

I welcome this option and thank cxam for considering this feature request and executing it so perfectly.

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