jasonpearce.com Redesign

I finally got around to redesigning my personal blog/website at jasonpearce.com. My previous design was a modified version of the default WordPress template. I used this design for almost 10 years.

My new design is a modification of the free Seven Five WordPress Theme from www.press75.com. I liked its cleaner and simpler look. More so, I felt it did a better job of organizing the content and activity I contribute on other websites.

When I created my blog 10 years ago, there were fewer tools that made it easy and convenient to post content online. Now there are social networks, photo repositories, and interactive destinations. I wanted to provide greater exposure to this third-party destinations while maintaining my blog as the central focus. The Seven Five theme helped me accomplish all of this.

I hope you like the new design.

3 replies on “jasonpearce.com Redesign”

  1. Is there a ‘next page’ or ‘previous posts’ link when browsing the blog? I can only seem to view the most recent articles.

    Cheers! -Jason

  2. Jason. Thanks for commenting on the omission of a “previous post” and “next post” navigation. I apparently used a depreciated WordPress function, which is why there were not appearing. It’s now corrected. Keep up the great work on your site. I’m eagerly awaiting your review of the Adobe Customization Wizard X when it becomes available later this month.

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