Jason Pearce SEO

I often feel sleazy talking about search engine optimization — likely because I’m frequently contacted by SEO scammers who think they can improve jasonpearce.com’s rankings in search engines when it was already the top result for the searches that interest me.

Well, jasonpearce.com has fallen off of Google’s front page for the search “Jason Pearce” and is no longer the first result via Yahoo.com or Bing.com. What gives?

September to October decline

JasonPearce.com SEO decline

I made two major changes to my website in September 2010.

Foolishly, I made both changes at the same time, so I’m unable to determine which change had the greatest detrimental impact on my website’s SEO rankings.

Since it’s far easier to stop using CloudFlare’s CDN services than to revert back to my old design/theme, I’m going to try this first. Otherwise, I’ll need to readdress my new design and front page.

Oh, and if you are a sleazy SEO company, be forewarned; I don’t want to hear from you in my comments, via my contact me page, or by email.