Unable to update Office 365 password

While using https://login.microsoftonline.com/common/login I was prompted to update my password for a test account I was using. The Update Your Password prompt read: You need to update your password because this is the first time you are signing in, or because your password has expired. No problem. So I entered my Current password and my […]

1940 Muscoljuan Yearbook

Muskingum College’s 1940 “The Muscoljuan Yearbook” features my grandmother Sarah Alexander, along with astronaut John Glenn. Sarah’s yearbook included this bookmark with a cutout and note that brings attention to Glenn. Perhaps this explains why she gave me several NASA patches when I was a kid. Muskingum College’s The Muscoljuan Yearbook from 1940 Here are […]

Sarah Alexander’s Booe genealogy books

My grandmother Sarah Alexander enjoyed genealogy. Of her ancestors, she most enjoyed researching the Booe surname (mostly from North Carolina). She created two large scrapbooks containing her research, one in a red binding and the other in a blue binding. There are also three Booe Books on 8.5 x 11 that appear to be photocopied […]

Randomize Windows Updates via PowerShell and PSWindowsUpdate

If you manage a group of computers that have fallen behind on installing Windows Updates, this procedure and a few PowerShell tools may help you less-disruptively install a just a few randomized updates at a time when computers are idle. Objective Many of the computers in my environment are used 24/7 by rotating shifts of […]

Unidesk and Curvature violate their Privacy Policies

Each business day, I receive 5 to 15 cold calls and emails from companies wanting “just 15 minutes of my time” to tell me about their products and services. The voicemail box of my predecessor received 31 solicitation voicemails this week, and he left the company six months ago. While I understand those salespeople and […]