Upcoming Pure Storage User Group on December 8

Registration URL: https://info.purestorage.com/2015.12.08-NAM-Central-PureUserGroupInd_RegistrationPage.html

It’s been a little more than a year since the Pure Storage User Group (PSUG) of Indianapolis has held a meeting. In that time, many more companies and users in the Indy area have purchased Pure Storage arrays.

On December 8, the PSUG of Indy will hold a meeting at Matt the Millers in Carmel, Indiana from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm. The event is free, will include a customer presentation, and provides an opportunity for you to meet and network with other Pure Storage customers in the area.

Please save the date. More announcements are to come.

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  1. Thank you to all who attended our second Pure Storage User Group of Indianapolis meeting on December 8 in Carmel, IN. Approximately 25 attended to learn more about Pure Storage’s PowerShell initiatives and capabilities.

    Rob “Barkz” Barker flew in from Mountain View, California, to talk about the Pure Storage Windows PowerShell toolkit he and his team have been developing. In short, Pure Storage has a set of APIs that all interfaces (GUI, Python, PowerShell, etc.) use to perform tasks.

    You’ll find the PowerShell Toolkit here: https://github.com/purestorage/PowerShellToolkit. On a side note, Pure Storage is working on moving more code-sharing and development over to GitHub, which will hopefully serve as a better repository than the Community Forums.

    Next was our very on Ian Hoskins, Senior Storage Engineer, CNO Financial Group. Using the PowerShell toolkit that Pure provides, Ian shared four amazing scripts that he has written to better automate business processes at CNO. It was inspiring to see what he has accomplished with the tools Barkz and his team have provided.

    I wish to thank both of our speakers for taking the time to share their knowledge with the PSUG Indy group. I also would like to thank Pure Storage for sponsoring the event.

    Ian and I plan to connect over lunch in January to discuss future PSUG meetings and topics. If you have any options you’d like to share, please reach out to either of us or comment here. Thank you.

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