Non-disruptive upgrades to Pure Storage array are liberating

I’m a happy Pure Storage customer. Yesterday, they released a press release that featured some of my opinions about their all-flash storage array.

Healthcare Providers Tap All-Flash from Pure Storage to be More Innovative and Enhance Care Experience

“Performing a non-disruptive upgrade of our Pure Storage flash array on a Tuesday morning was liberating,” said Jason Pearce, Director of Information Systems Infrastructure at Riverview Health. “Business continuity, ease of administration, consistent read and write performance, and some of the best technical support we’ve experienced from any vendor are primary reasons why we turn to Pure Storage. In addition to running our EHR and VDI infrastructure, more than 90 percent of our virtualized workloads now run on Pure Storage.”

It’s a pleasure to be a reference for a company that has such a great product and support team.