She said yes!

Jason and Jenny on Monument CircleThis weekend I proposed to Jenny and she said yes! I couldn’t be happier.

With her birthday coming up, I presented the weekend as a secret birthday weekend. Though she managed to figure out most of my plans in advance, my intention to propose to her was a complete surprise.

We started off shopping along Mass Ave downtown, a pleasant diagonal street with artsy stores. We then checked into The Villa, a bed and breakfast located near downtown, and had dinner on the premises.

The highlight of the evening was a holiday show at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra on the circle. My plan was to propose to her after the show at the heart of Monument Circle, but snow and cold weather foiled my plan.

Alas, I popped the question when we got back to our quaint bed and breakfast.

Tension Set is really Compression Set

Ring CloseupIn most cases, the diamond is the significant focus of an engagement ring. Jenny and I, however, became fascinated with a type of band marketed as “tension set.”

Tension set rings hold the diamond in place without prongs — using large amounts of pressure instead. They are really poorly named bands, for with 9,500 to 12,000 pounds of pressure being placed on the diamond they would be more accurately marketed as “compression set” bands.

As you can see, the diamond is neatly suspended within the band giving the ring an elegant minimalistic design. Most of all, I think it looks great on her finger.

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  1. Wow!! It’s gorgeous, and I’m so very happy for you and Jenny! :) Congrats!

  2. Congrats! We are so very happy for the both of you. The ring is gorgeous!

  3. I am so happy for you! I saw you on Likedin and couldn’t be happier. The ring is fantastic! I recently married myself and it is so fun. I wish you all the best! Please say “hello” to your family for me as well!

  4. Congrats! That ring is pretty cool. Not being a purveyor of engagement rings quite yet, I didn’t even know that setting existed. My girlfriend is probably going to want me to acquire such knowledge in the not-too-distant future. Here’s a blast from the past question for you: do you know the login information for the cfea flickr account? No one here seems to. If you have it, or know where I might find it, please let me know at [email protected]. If not, no biggie. Congrats again, and best of luck planning the wedding!

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