Move, vacation, Peace Corps

In one month, I will begin my Peace Corps adventure. I will arrive in Miami, Florida, on June 3 for a Peace Corps staging event and swearing in. By June 5, I will be in Guyana. How can one month seem so close and yet, so far away?

Much will happen between now and then. In one week, I’ll be making my trip back to Raleigh. Many of my belongings will have been sold or given away to friends or folks on ebay. By May 17, I’ll in be Los Angels attending my brother’s graduation from Chapman University. From LA, our family heads to Hawaii for two weeks. A few days after returning from Hawaii, I’ll be off to Miami.

I spent much of today reviewing a Welcome Packet that I received from the Peace Corps just a few days earlier. It is quite lengthy and contains a lot of information about what I should expect in the next two years. Because of its extensiveness, I have posted it online for me and others to reference (removed June 1).

Tomorrow is also a big day for my USAV volleyball team plans on winning the Michigan/Indiana Regionals B-level Tournament. We have trained long and hard for tomorrow, so please wish us luck.

I’ll really miss my team and perhaps volleyball altogether. I’ve been told that cricket and soccer are the most popular sports in Guyana. Perhaps they’ll be open to learning something new. Have a nice weekend.