Last day at Carden Jennings Publishing

Today is my last day on the job. Being the sole employee at a satellite office in Indianapolis (my den), my going-away party consisted of left-over pizza, a few emails, and an instant message. I spent most of my day submitting expense reports and username/passwords to my boss.

I greatly enjoyed working for Carden Jennings Publishing and its Fraternity Solutions Group. I only wish that our satellite office was more successful and that I had more time to test new ideas. I wish them continued success upon my departure. Thanks CJP.

Now I have to face two years without income. It won’t be until August 2004 that I’ll be able to look for a job that pays. Sure, the Peace Corps will take care of my food and living expenses, but I’ll have to live within their financial constraints.

In the last few months, I’ve been preparing myself (although mildly). I’ve started getting rid of many of my possessions. You can sell just about anything on In fact this week, I’ll even be selling my car.

On another note, Jennifer Griggs and I enjoyed a relaxing weekend together. We spent all of our time exploring downtown Indianapolis and stayed in a very nice bed and breakfast. We visited the Benjamin Harrison and Morris-Butler homes, went to a comedy club, ate at several fancy restaurants, and enjoyed some of the finer things in life. It was nice to spend some quality time with someone who will be missed greatly.

My upcoming agenda includes a USAV regional volleyball tournament May 4 - 5, moving back to Raleigh May 9 - 13, fishing at home May 14 - 16, attending my brother’s graduation and Doug Finberg’s (Elon 1994) bachelor party in Los Angels May 17 - 19, and a family vacation in Hawaii May 20 - 29. I’ll depart for Miami June 3 and will be in Guyana June 5.

It’s going to be a busy and exciting moth. I’ll keep you posted.