Exporting a GoDaddy wildcard certificate from IIS to VMware View Security Server

VMware View Security Servers require an SSL certificate to be installed for mobile VMware View clients to function properly. It’s also a good practice. Chapter 7 of the VMware View 4.6 Installation manual attempts to document the procedure of how to export a certificate from a Windows 2008 IIS server and import it into a […]

Still waiting for Wyse “Day One” support of VMware View 5

At VMware’s VMworld 2011 conference in August, VMware announced the forthcoming release of VMware View 5. At the same time, thin client vendor Wyse made this announcement, saying that their thin client devices will have “Day One” support for VMware View 5 upon release: Wyse Announces Day One Support for VMware View 5 at VMworld […]

First VMware View and VMware ThinApp deployment

After months of preparation, testing, and teamwork; today I rolled out my first VMware View and VMware ThinApp deployment for Riverview Hospital. The deployment consists of three offsite locations, about 85 virtual desktops, about 100 printers, and about 20 ThinApp applications. Although I had help from many team members, the engineering and implementation of this […]

Using BgInfo with VMware View

BgInfo is a free tool from Microsoft that automatically generates desktop backgrounds that include important information about the system like its IP addresses, host name, boot time, and so on. This article explains how I am using BgInfo in a virtual desktop environment (VDI) and how it helps our hospital’s help desk support end users. […]