Still waiting for Wyse “Day One” support of VMware View 5

At VMware’s VMworld 2011 conference in August, VMware announced the forthcoming release of VMware View 5. At the same time, thin client vendor Wyse made this announcement, saying that their thin client devices will have “Day One” support for VMware View 5 upon release:

Wyse Announces Day One Support for VMware View 5 at VMworld 2011

SAN JOSE, Calif. – 08/30/2011 – Today at VMworld® 2011, Wyse Technology, the global leader in cloud client computing, announced support for VMware View™ 5 upon release. … Day One support for VMware View 5 validates the close technology partnership between the two companies.

Wyse hardware and software that support VMware View 5 include:

  • Wyse P20 zero client (hardware PCoIP)
  • Wyse Microsoft Windows Embedded thin client family
  • Wyse-enhanced SUSE Linux thin client family
  • Wyse ThinOS thin client family
  • Wyse PocketCloud for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Android smartphones and tablet devices

My beef is that VMware View 5 was released two weeks after the conference (VMware Announces General Availability of View 5 – View 5 in the House!) and yet, Wyse still has not provided a VMware View 5 client for their C50LE thin clients, which run the SUSE Linux OS that was specifically mentioned in their “Day One” press release.

When I called Wyse tech support, they explained that my confusion is that while VMware View 5 is available, the Linux-based thin client is not yet available. Once VMware provides Wyse a View 5 client for Linux, Wyse will make it available for its C50LE thin clients.

Fine. I think it was sleazy for Wyse to include the “Wyse-enhanced SUSE Linux thin client family” devices in their press release when they knew a VMware View 5 client wouldn’t be ready on “Day One,” but they are sticking to their position.

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  1. Jason,

    As you correclty mention, VMware is currently testing its View 5 client for Linux-based platforms. That software is currently in beta test. As soon as VMware releases the View 5 client for Linux-based platforms to production, Wyse plans to support it on our Linux-based thin clients, including the C50LE, on Day One.

    We apologize for any confusion resulting from the referenced press release. “Day One” is determined by the date that VMware releases View 5 client support to production per the various OSs. Wyse is currently testing the VMware view beta client for Linux software, so if you would like to test this beta version now using the C50LE, we’re happy to arrange that with you. Feel free to contact the Wyse product manager, Mike Valderrama, directly at [email protected].

  2. Dan,

    VMware released the View 5.0 client in March 2012 and the View 5.1 client in May 2012. Yet Wyse still has not released firmware updates for the C50LE thin clients that contain either View clients.

    Your last firmware update was released in December 2011. Twice you have promised “Day One” support and twice you have failed to deliver.

    For a full timeline, please see Where is Wyse’s support for VMware View 5.0 and 5.1?.

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