RockitCoin ATM rates will cheat you

Edit (2017-09-03 at 6:30 pm): Thanks to a user’s comment, I now realize that I may be in the wrong. RockitCoin may have in fact informed me of their exchange rate before I inserted my money. I simply misunderstood their quote because it did not seem plausible (it was higher that Bitcoin’s all time high […]

My photos have been viewed 2,000,000 on Google Maps

I bought a 360 degree Ricoh Theta camera about a year ago. I’ve enjoyed using it to add 360 degree photos to user-contributed photos on Google Maps. Apparently, they are popular for I received this email from Google today: You’re a top photographer on Google Maps. You’ve just accomplished what very few people have done: […]

PowerShell Set-ADAccountPassword -WhatIf bug

Today (2017 March) I unfortunately learned of the -WhatIf bug for the PowerShell Active Directory cmdlet Set-ADAccountPassword. About -WhatIf “-WhatIf” is a common PowerShell System State parameter that is supposed to “Explain what will happen if the command is executed, without actually executing the command.(Boolean ) -whatif:$false or -whatif:$true.” I use it all of the […]