How Macy’s and Simmons could have better sold me a mattress

About 15 years ago I purchased a queen mattress from Macy’s named the Dreamwell Englewood Plush by Simmons. I like this mattress and now want a king version.

Understandably, this make and model of mattress has been discontinued and is no longer available.

I thought, “No big deal. I’ll just ask Macy’s and Simmons to compare the features of the Dreamwell Englewood Plush mattress to the features of the mattresses they currently sell and recommend the two most similar products.”

Disappointingly, neither Macy’s or Simmons’ customer support departments were able (or willing) to help me.

I tried email support, phone support, their Twitter accounts, and even visited a Macy’s in person. Not a single customer support representative (or salesman) was able to compare their current models to the Dreamwell Englewood Plush mattress that I know and love.

A simple comparison tool would do. Customers should be able to enter or select their current mattress and then use that information to recommend a new mattress. Maintaining a database of mattress metrics (dimensions, weight, degree of firmness, thread count, spring count, etc.) would be trivial. The algorithm to compare and recommend upgrades also would be rather simple to define and develop.

Neither Macy’s nor Simmons have this feature. What’s more disappointing is that neither customer support department was able to provide any information about the Dreamwell Englewood Plush — information that would have helped me become a repeat customer.

I confess that despite my frustration and disappointment in both companies, I ended up buying another Macy’s/Simmons mattress anyway. I fear that the plush comforts and features of my new mattress may not overcome the restless distaste I now have for both companies.

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  1. You haven’t slept on the new mattress yet. Maybe you will end up loving it more than the old one :)

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