GW3 ribbons Sapper Star and No Smoking

I’ve been enjoying some Gears of War 3 this weekend and started focusing on earning ribbons in multiplayer. Two ribbons that were difficult to earn (e.g. hard to figure out) were Sapper Star and No Smoking.

Sapper Star ribbon

Sapper Star

The description reads “Killed an opponent with the opponent’s own planted frag grenade.” I thought I did this several times by simply running near an opponent after he/she planted their frag grenade on me. This never worked.

To earn the Sapper Star ribbon, I had to shoot an opponent’s planted frag grenade and have the detonation kill them. An opponent would have to plan their grenade on a wall or the ground by pressing B and stand near it. The grenade, now acting more like a motion-detector mine, would have to be shot when the enemy who planted it was near.

No Smoking ribbon

No Smoking

The description reads “Killed an opponent with a smoke grenade.” Most of the time, planting a smoke grenade on an opponent (pressing B) only knocks them down. If they are already down, it does nothing (e.g. it doesn’t kill them).

To earn the No Smoking ribbon, I had to know an enemy down twice (knock them down, let them get up, knock them down again, let them get up again) and then plan the smoke grenade on them (after they got up the second time). Maybe they are weaker after being injured twice, I don’t know. But this is how I earned this ribbon.

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  1. i have killed an enemy several times with a smoke grenade and it has not let me earn the ribbon, i have tried with several bot configurations on beast horde and versus and it will not give me the ribbon

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