Threshold of Hell on DVD

Beach Party on AmazonFinally, the wait is over. My brother’s movie “The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell(IMDB) is now available for purchase via

As the film’s director of photography and editor, my brother Cameron put a lot of effort into making this movie look great. I’m sure he and his fellow team members are thrilled to finally see this day. I sure am happy for them.

If you want take a closer look, head over to the team’s YouTube site for a look at their work as well as some viral marketing.

Oh, and I want to remind you that this film debuted at the 2006 LA Film Festival. I was there; and the theater was packed. After the film and applause, about two-thirds of the crowd stuck around to meet the cast and crew — and this was at 2:00 in the morning. Pretty cool.

Having your very on DVD on sale for anyone to take home and enjoy — even cooler. Way to go bro.