Nearing 100 Resturants

Next Friday, June 3, 2005, I will officially conclude my “No Repeat Lunch Week” campaign after having visited my 100th unique restaurant for lunch.

The whole thing has been silly and fun. At noon, everyday, I knew I was going to eat somewhere new. Thinking my whole experience might make for a fun lifestyle story for a local newspaper or radio station, I published this press release:

i-Newswire, 2005-05-25 – INDIANAPOLIS – For Jason Pearce of Indianapolis, Indiana, variety comes in 100 flavors as he soon ends his “No repeat lunch week” campaign.

Fed up eating at the same restaurants for lunch each week, Pearce decided to see how long and far he could go without eating at the same restaurant twice during the workweek ( Monday through Friday ). On June 3, Pearce will eat at his 100th unique restaurant.

“At first, some of my lunch buddies didn’t like the idea of trying new places, or returning to restaurants ‘banned’ long ago for reasons no one could recall,” said Pearce. “But a few took to the idea, and our daily lunch excursions became more of an adventure than the monotonous routine they once were.”

To keep track of the restaurants he visited, Pearce kept a log on his website at “I know this is a silly project that shouldn’t be taken seriously. But keeping a list of restaurants I’ve visited helps me and the guys from my office remember where we’ve already eaten. Otherwise, we’d waste five to 10 minutes every day arguing before coming to a consensus.”

Most of the restaurants Pearce has visited reside in the northwest corner of Indianapolis, though he has ventured to Zionsville, Broadripple, and downtown. He even counted restaurants while on business trips and on vacation, including one far-flung trip to Easter Island, Chile.

“I don’t think I’ll have to worry about eating on Easter Island ever again,” said Pearce. “They were likely the most remote meals I’ll ever have.”

Pearce has decided to end his “No Repeat Lunch Week” campaign when he visits his 100th restaurant on June 3. “One of the disadvantages of the project is I haven’t been able to return to the newly-discovered restaurants that I liked,” said Pearce.

When asked where he’ll have his 100th meal, Pearce replied, “Well, if you visit my website, I tell you 99 places where it won’t be.”

It will fun to see if anyone picks up on it.

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  1. Jason, I’d love to be part of Lunch 99 on Thursday, June 2! I can introduce you to another Zionsville eatery. je

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