First-time home owner

On Tuesday, I became a first-time home owner. Well, it’s really a condo — but it’s my condo.

I split the 13-hour drive from Connecticut to Indiana between two days. On Sunday, after loading the truck that morning, I drove all the way to the Pennsylvania/Ohio border. Most of the trip was made on I-80, which made for a scenic drive by interstate standards.

On Monday, I finished the rest of the drive, arriving to my new neighborhood by about 3 p.m.

Upon arrival, the first thing I did was to remove the Audi from tow and return the trailer to Penski. Driving a 15′ truck is not easy. Add a car in tow and you loose the ability to back up. Try driving 750 miles without backing up sometime — it’s not easy to do. You really have to plan ahead.

On Tuesday morning, everyone but my realtor showed up to close on the condo. Picture three people sitting on one side of a board room table and just me on the other. Add in the fact that I’ve never bought a home before and didn’t know what I was doing. It wasn’t a comfortable/enjoyable feeling — though a closing should be.

I felt bad for my realtor, for she was great at helping me find a place and called frequently to follow up on things I need to take care of. She simply posted the date of my closing in her calendar to occur on Wednesday, one day later. She arrived after everything was signed and felt horrible for her mistake. It would have been nice to have had her there.

After closing, I had the whole afternoon to unload the contents of the truck into my two-car garage. I’ve since been spending my days unpacking.

I’ve also done some furniture shopping. Today, I bought a modern couch, chair, and rug from Houseworks Furniture. I still have to get bedroom, den/office, and kitchen furniture but may wait a few months before laying out more cash. The nice thing about the couch and chair is that I’ll have them delivered this Wednesday.

The other obvious news of the day is that I got my cable-modem hooked up. So I’m back online. Yea.

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