Scuba Steve

I had a rather festive weekend. On Friday, the roommates and I dressed up in costume and headed out to SoNo, Norwalk’s bar district. Scott dressed as Gilligan and Adam dressed as a hockey player. I was Scuba Steve. There were many in costume, which made for a fun evening.

Saturday was for Winter cleaning. The big project was moving the game room, which contains the Xbox and PS2, from the non-insulated porch to the nursery room upstairs. It was kind of a big project because the room upstairs had become storage. That, and getting a big TV upstairs was a pain. But now our thumbs won’t freeze when we want to enjoy a few games.

Saturday evening Adam and I joined Scott and his buddies for a game of poker. Though I consider myself a novice at the game, I’ve managed to come out ahead all three times that we’ve played. Perhaps a solid three-months of cards while in the Peace Corps helped.

On Sunday, we finished up the remaining Winter-cleaning jobs. That evening, I took the train into NYC to have dinner with Merritt Olsen and two of her friends. She finished the race in under five hours with a time of 4:55. She was happy with the time, but rather sore. Nice job Merritt.

That’s about it. Oh, I did submit an article to A List Apart, one of my favorite online magazines that focuses on Web development. The editors seem to like it, so we’ll see.