Red vs Blue

I recently learned about an animated series called Red vs Blue that pokes fun at modern video game culture, particularly one of my favorite games: Halo. It is hysterical for those who play the game. The BBC did a story about the online series. Here’s an excerpt:

A group of writers, performers and gamers in Texas have produced an increasingly popular and unusual cartoon cartoon series.

The cartoon details the life of two rival camps of soldiers, the Reds and Blues, who spend their time ruminating about life, the universe and everything, stationed in separate bases in a creek called Blood Gulch.

“Red vs Blue pokes fun at the basic tenets of modern video games,” explained Burnie Burns, the writer and creator of Red vs Blue, who also voices the characters Church and Tex.

The series, which has reached episode 14, is unusual because it is created using a video game called Halo.

Instead of running around shooting each other the animators use the high-quality graphics engine of the game to create a believable animation world.