Nick Nendel of CloudMine’s relentless solicitation

Nicholas J. Nendel of CloudMine won’t stop soliciting me. Six times in four months he’s emailed me telling me something that I don’t want to know about CloudMine and/or asking for just “15 minutes of my time.” Each time I’ve responded with an email subject and body that simply read: “Please do not solicit. Please […]

Seeking Idera’s Data Privacy Officer

In the past year, I have received seven cold emails from Idera account managers Marc Colvin and Atif Siddiqui. For each, I replied something along the lines of “Please unsubscribe, please do not solicit, please opt-out” in both the subject and body. I often also cc:ed the following email addresses: [email protected].com [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] […]

SMS Spam

Late last night and early this morning I received two unwanted SMS text messages from phone number (949) 394-3052 and (949) 228-5584 bearing the same message: IRS ALERT! New gov’t program REDUCES BACK TAXES up to 70 percent, removes liens, garnish, levies. To qualify: REPLY: “IRS” (free, private consult) This isn’t my first encounter with […]