Papa John’s will solicit you even if you opt out

In the Papa John’s iOS mobile app, there are two opt out settings under Communications: Opt in to receive email offers and alerts? Opt in to receive text offers and alerts? I had opted out of both — clearly signaling to Papa John’s that I wished to opt out of their solicitations. Despite opting out […]

Nick Nendel of CloudMine’s relentless solicitation

Nicholas J. Nendel of CloudMine won’t stop soliciting me. Six times in four months he’s emailed me telling me something that I don’t want to know about CloudMine and/or asking for just “15 minutes of my time.” Each time I’ve responded with an email subject and body that simply read: “Please do not solicit. Please […]

Persistent solicitation from James H. of VMTurbo

I received an unwanted phone call solicitation from James H. of VMTurbo today. It’s not uncommon for me to receive cold phone or email solicitations. I asked James H. to please not solicit me. He then said he’ll send me an email asking for my time. I clarified that I do not want VMTurbo to […]