Replacing Windows Media Center with a Tablo OTA DVR

In 2007, I cut the cord and adopted Microsoft’s Windows Media Center on Windows Vista Ultimate. I purchased a Shuttle XPC small form factor computer for one TV and an Xbox 360 with its built-in Windows Media Center Extender for remote access on another TV. Windows Media Center was wonderful. It had an elegant 10-foot […]

Microsoft Xbox One is ignoring customer requests regarding Media Center Extender support

In June 2014, Microsoft will release a system update that they claim will include “two of your most-requested features will be here soon: external storage support and real names for identifying your friends.” While both of these changes add value, neither address one the most frequently requested features: which is to bring back Media Center […]

Shuttle Windows Media Center HTPC

I’m excited to have ordered parts to build a new home theater PC that will feature Windows 8 and Windows Media Center as my DVR/HTPC. More importantly, because Windows 8 now offers a type 1 hypervisor (Client Hyper-V), my always-on DVR/HTPC will also be my home lab and will run a few virtual desktops and […]