Symphony of Science

Today I discovered John Boswell’s Symphony of Science website and his compilation of remixing of Carl Sagan‘s PBS Service Cosmos to electronic music — turning Carl’s scientific poetry into song. Sadly, it was only last year when I first discovered the Cosmos series, which was originally produced in 1980. Without question, Cosmos is the most […]

Redeamer photo graces Diplomat’s cover

Two photos that I took while traveling in Brazil appeared in the October 2008 issue of Diplomat magazine, a London-based magazine covering foreign affairs, interviews with ambassadors, and London lifestyle. Dan Harder from the publication contacted me in September saying “We publish 10 times a year and distribute to all the foreign diplomats in the […]

Threshold of Hell on DVD

Finally, the wait is over. My brother’s movie “The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell” (IMDB) is now available for purchase via As the film’s director of photography and editor, my brother Cameron put a lot of effort into making this movie look great. I’m sure he and his fellow team members are […]