How to get started in genealogy for free

I am an amateur genealogist. I’m frugal. I’m internet savvy. And in 10 years, I’ve amassed about 20,000 ancestors and descendants in my family tree; conducting most of this research for free. Researching your family history is done in five basic steps: Free: Gather informal history from family and online strangers Free: Input and merge […]

18,500 releatives

I have been interested in genealogy for about 10 years now. In that time, I have researched, documented, and linked about 18,500 relatives. More importantly, I have identified 90 percent of my 7th generation ancestors. Considering that every generation doubles your number of ancestors, knowing all of your 7th generation ancestors and their direct line […]

GEDCOM Backups

I’m typically pretty good at backing up my computers. One of my most prized piece of data is the GEDCOM file that contains a decade of genealogy research — more than 18,000 linked relatives. I often upload a copy of my genealogy database once a quarter to sites like,, and about once […]

A History of the Cameron Family in North Carolina

If you are a genealogist studying the Cameron family from North Carolina, then A History of the Cameron Family in North Carolina by John Burton Cameron of Broadway, North Carolina, published in 1967, will interest you. This publication contains two parts: Part I: Descendants of Allen Cameron and his wife Mary Stewart Part II: Descendants […]