Use PowerCLI Set-HardDisk and Invoke-VMScript to increase the size of many virtual machine hard drives

Today I decided that I wanted to increase the C: volume of 20 VMware Horizon View parent virtual machines (the source for 1,000s of linked-clone virtual desktops) from 40 GB to 60 GB. The normal/painful way to do this would be: vSphere > select the virtual machine > Edit Settings > change Hard Disk 1 […]

Installing signed SSL/TLS certificates for vCenter Server Appliance 5.5 (VCSA)

I recently upgraded to VMware vCenter v5.5 U2 and switched from Windows to the vCenter Server Appliance 5.5 (VCSA). Here are the best resources for replacing the self-signed VCSA certificates with ones signed by an internal Microsoft Certificate Authority server. Assumptions You installed the Linux vCenter Server Appliance 5.5 (VCSA) All services except vCenter Update […]

Get more value from this HP Printer Driver (by disabling Printer Status Notification popups)

As the senior engineer for a mid-sized VMware Horizon View virtual desktop infrastructure , I sometimes have to figure out how to configure legacy applications to perform better in a modern non-persistent VDI world. My most resent challenge was to globally disable HP’s annoying Printer Status Notification popup messages that occurred every day for some […]

Pure Storage Proactive Support and its Flash Fairy

If PS is an abbreviation for Pure Storage, PSPS should be what they call Pure Storage Proactive Support. In the past two months, the Pure Storage customer support team has proactively opened three cases on our behalf in an effort to help us reduce risk, improve performance, and get the most out of my employer’s […]