Papa John’s will solicit you even if you opt out

In the Papa John’s iOS mobile app, there are two opt out settings under Communications:

  • Opt in to receive email offers and alerts?
  • Opt in to receive text offers and alerts?

I had opted out of both — clearly signaling to Papa John’s that I wished to opt out of their solicitations.

Papa John's Communications Settings

Despite opting out of receiving both email and text offers and alerts from Papa John’s, they decided to solicit me anyway via iOS notifications.

Papa Johns iOS notification solicitation

Disappointed, I reached out to Papa John’s Twitter support @PapaJohns asking them to also not solicit me by iOS notifications.

After several DM exchanges of them dodging my request to opt out of iOS notification solicitation, they wrote “The notifications are built into the app, and we cannot opt you out of these, we’re sorry.”

It’s their mobile application — they have full control of what the app can and cannot do. They decided to use iOS notifications to solicit their customers, even if they opted out of text and email solicitations, and are choosing to not provide a way to opt out of notification solicitation.

Not wanting to disable notifications (notifications of purchases and deliveries are desired), I decided the best way to opt out is to delete the app and ask them to delete my account.

Goodbye Papa John’s.