Unwanted solicitation from Ryan Tello of Rydek Professional Staffing

I received an unpleasant solicitation from Ryan Tello today, the Vice President of Client Development for Rydek Professional Staffing out of Corona, California.

The unwanted phone call began as normal. Ryan gave a two- to four-minute pitch introducing himself, his company, and service. While these unwanted solicitations are tiresome and ignore my publicly posted request for privacy; Ryan Tello was both normal and polite during the early stages of the call.

I responded by saying “No thank you;” but Ryan wasn’t ready to give up and began asking for reasons why. When I said “Honestly, I avoid doing business with companies that perform cold calls and cold emails (as stated in my Privacy Policy),” he became upset and reacted poorly.

Ryan started with the typical “How will you learn about my product or service?” and similar questions already addressed in my Do Not Solicit FAQ. He then wanted to know my job title and responsibilities, which I replied, “I’m sorry, we do not discuss job titles, responsibilities, or system infrastructure with unsolicited callers.”

My reason is that there is no easy way to distinguish a sales call from a social engineering attack — both are initiated by the potential bad actor and both are an attempt to learn more about a company, individual, system, or process.

That’s when Ryan Tello began his ad hominem attack, stating that I must be a terrible person to work for. I asked him to please don’t call again. He said that he would keep calling — often — and will keep asking for different employees until someone speaks with him.


I politely said that I was not interested in your company or services, that I avoid doing business with companies that cold call and cold email, and that I would not answer your questions. You responded with personal attacks, followed by threats that you will keep calling and harassing other employees. Please don’t. You are the bad actor here. You ignored my request for privacy and threatened to harass my coworkers in the future.

I’ve warned my coworkers of your behavior and intentions. I further hope that his blog post may warn others of your potential irrational behavior and personal attacks.

Please don’t solicit me or my coworkers again. May this post serve as an additional Do Not Solicit and Opt Out request to you and your employer. Thank you.

Company: Rydek Professional Staffing
Company President: Adam Reinhardt
VP of Client Development: Ryan Tello

2 replies on “Unwanted solicitation from Ryan Tello of Rydek Professional Staffing”

  1. Ryan tello harrassed me as well. Was super pushy and had a bad attitude. He asked me what my base salary was then when i asked him why that information was important for the salary range i want to receive he hung up on me.

  2. Hey! Ryan Tello tried to recruit me for a position and became extremely combative and rude when I asked him basic questions about the job title and salary expectations. He told me “You don’t need to like me – this is sales – I get you a job and I get paid. You don’t have to like me.”

    When I asked for his manager’s name, he said “His name is Rob Deck. Go ahead. Call him. Nothing’s going to happen. Waste your time. I don’t care.”

    I’ve emailed both Rob and company president Adam looking for some kind of response, so I’ll update here if I get one. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend working with Ryan Tello or Rydek.

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