Nick Nendel of CloudMine’s relentless solicitation

Nicholas J. Nendel of CloudMine won’t stop soliciting me.

Six times in four months he’s emailed me telling me something that I don’t want to know about CloudMine and/or asking for just “15 minutes of my time.” Each time I’ve responded with an email subject and body that simply read: “Please do not solicit. Please unsubscribe. Please opt out.”

But Nick Nendel apparently doesn’t give up easily. Despite my repeated requests and my publicly posted Privacy Policy, it appears I’ll have to live with CloudMine’s annoying and inconsiderate Nicholas Nendel’s unwanted solicitation.

One reply on “Nick Nendel of CloudMine’s relentless solicitation”

  1. Shortly after submitting this post and engaging CloudMine’s online chat, VP of Sales Chris Corbet sent me an apologetic email.

    He stated that CloudMine takes privacy and satisfaction seriously, recognized how their repeated and unwanted solicitation was a nuisance, and stated they will attempt to make it right.

    I thanked him for listening to my escalated request for privacy and hope that they will now respect my wishes.

    I also asked if there were additional steps that they think I should have taken to notify them that cold calls and cold emails were unwelcome — steps that are in addition to my Privacy Policy on this website, a statement on my LinkedIn profile, and my repeated email replies.

    I don’t expect a response, but would certainly like to receive any new ideas on how I could better inform companies that I do not want to receive their cold calls or cold emails.

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