Bryan James and the upcoming Sons of Ben: The Movie

An Elon University fraternity brother of mine — Bryan James — will soon be featured in a documentary film called “Sons of Ben: The Movie.”

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, James basically started a fan club to attract a major league soccer franchise to the city. The club started with eight guys, then 60, then 500, then more than 1,000 who lobbied to bring soccer to Philadelphia. And they did it.

They also worked to improve the town of Chester, Pennsylvania, by performing community outreach projects like food drives and neighborhood improvements via a charity called Help Kick Hunger.

Here’s a nice trailer for the movie, which debuts Wednesday, June 10 at 7:00pm in Philly.

The film won the Tokyo Football Film Festival and has also appeared in Bilbao, Barcelona, and Berlin at their respective film festivals.

Way to go James.