VMworld makes it difficult to change your email address

VMworld 2014 registration is underway. Registration works like most websites, except that you are unable to change the email address associated with your account.

You can change your phone number, your mailing address, your company name, your job title, or even your name; but not your email address. Your email address is presented in an uneditable field.

To change your email address, you have to open up a support ticket with VMworld. They will then email you the following questions:

Thank you for contact VMware Event Team, for security reasons, could you please provide following information when you registered under your old email address:

  1. Job Title ???
  2. Department ???
  3. Approximately month/date that you registered for 1st time ???
  4. Username associates with your old email address ???
  5. New email address ???
  6. Old email address ???

We only can change email address, but not link 2 accounts. If preferable, you can keep 2 accounts separately.

Regards, VMware Event Team

All of this would be avoided if VMware/VMware simply made the email address field editable.

VMworld’s Privacy Policy even states “We will provide you with access to your information, including making reasonable effort to provide you with online access and the opportunity to change your information.”

It appears that VMworld will provide the opportunity to change everything but your email address, making their Privacy Policy a bit misleading.