Mediterranean vacation recap for July 2012

Last month my wife, brother, and parents met in Istanbul to begin a Mediterranean cruise to Rome. We had a good time and took lots of photos. Here are some of the highlights.

Istanbul, Turkey (2012 Jul 15)

After checking into our hotel, we had time to head out on foot to see Taksim square and find a bite to eat.


Istanbul, Turkey (2012 Jul 16)

We began our day at Topkapi Palace, then underground to a cistern, followed by getting lost in the Grand Bazaar.


Istanbul, Turkey (2012 Jul 17)

Started with the Blue Mosque, then Hagia Sophia, and closed with a panorama view from old tower.

Aya Sophia inside horizontal stitch

Istanbul, Turkey (2012 Jul 18)

Our last day in Istanbul we explored the Spice Bazaar and the New Mosque.


Ephesus, Turkey (2012 Jul 19)

Our excursion was to the ancient port city of Ephesus. Pictured is the library.

Ephesus Library 1 stitch

Santorini, Greece (2012 Jul 20)

A sea-filled crater island with bleach-white towns perched high on cliffs.

Santorini ships stitch

Athens, Greece (2012 Jul 21)

Using the metro we made it from port to the Parthenon, situated high above the city.

Athens Parthenon city view stitch

Day at sea (2012 Jul 22)

There’s nothing to see here, just a full day on the boat.

Malta (2012 Jul 23)

A small island-nation, we explored a crypt and two walled cities.


Sicily, Italy (2012 Jul 24)

Explored port city Trapani and took a cable car to the walled city Erice.


Sorrento, Italy (2012 Jul 25)

From the beach city of Sorrento we explored Pompei, a city that was buried in volcanic ash two thousand years ago.


Sardinia, Italy (2012 Jul 26)

Taking a change from historic ruins, in Sardinia we see how the rich enjoy port life and yachts.

Sardinia stitch

Rome, Italy (2012 Jul 27)

On our first day in Rome we saw the Colosseum, Colosseum, and so much more.

Rome Colosseum 3 stitch

Rome, Italy (2012 Jul 28)

On the last day of our vacation we visited the Vatican and Trevi Fountain.

Vatican 4 stitch

It was a great trip. Turn to my Flickr account for the full portfolio of photos.

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