Google Contacts, sort by last name

Finally, Google Contacts lets you sort your address book by last name for Google Apps accounts. You’ll find this feature under the More button.

For those of us with large address books, this is such a welcomed feature that users have been requesting for a long time.

While Google’s “Merge Contacts” feature does a decent job of finding and merging duplicate contacts, it’s not perfect. I’ve found that people who use their middle names or a nickname often have duplicate entries in my address book and are not detected by the Merge Contacts feature.

Today, simply by sorting by Last Name, I was able to weed out more than 200 duplicate contacts by sorting by last name and manually marking duplicate contacts. The last name sort made it much easier to find “Smith, Bob” and “Smith, Robert” because they appeared next to each other instead of 100s of records apart.

Thank you Google Contacts for this addition.

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