New Elon Fraternity Houses

This fall, Elon University will be adding five more fraternity houses to its Greek court. Like the last batch, my dad Irv Pearce is the architect. Dad is an honorary initiated member of the Lambda Chi Alpha (Delta-Pi) chapter, which will be moving into one of these houses. This weekend, he gave me an inside tour.

Lambda Chi Alpha will have one of these two houses


Main entry


Great room


Upstairs Suite


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4 replies on “New Elon Fraternity Houses”

  1. Mark, that’s right. The new house are between the existing houses and the Moseley parking lot. Three are close to the parking lot and two are closer to the marshy woods near the practice field. We will have one of the two houses facing the woods.

  2. Houses look awesome. Glad to see Lambda Chi is getting back on their feet and even getting one of the new houses!

  3. Awesome! I felt a little depressed when the news came out that we lost our housing privileges, but now, once again, we’ve proved what good young men we have! Way to go.

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